Classes specifically for California Firefighters

Auto Extrication

Basic Emergency Vehicle Operations

Basic Pump Operations

Confined Space Rescue Awareness

Emergency Response to Alternative fuel Vehicles

Fire Control 3A

Fire Control 3B

Fire Fighter Survival

HazMat First Responder Awareness, Operations, and Operations-Decon

Rapid Intervention Crew Operations

Rescue Systems 1: Emergency Building Systems

Rescue Systems 1: Heavy Objects/Breaking and Breaching

Rescue Systems 1: Ladder Rescue Systems

Rescue systems 1: Ropes/ Low Angle

Rescue Systems 2: Breaking and Breaching

Rescue Systems 2: Interior Shores

Rescue Systems 2: Lifting and Moving

Rescue Systems 2: Exterior Shores

Rescue Systems 3: Structural Collapse Technician (Senior Instructor)

River and Flood Water Rescue

Trench Rescue

Trench Rescue Technician

Rope Rescue Technician

Driver Operator 1A/1B


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